Winner Block wants to revolutionize online gaming by giving players the leverage. Its decentralized system provides security, fair play and randomness. This platform supports charity in addition to transparent online gaming.

Winner Block wants to offer the best gaming experience possible, and it also wants to help people in need. It will allow players to participate in the charities and decide where the money goes.

The Charitable Organizations will be voted on by the Players

Jackpot amount at Winner Block is the total number of WCards created by users on the app. The distribution process is transparent, and 70% goes to the winners. The team and holders each receive 10%, while 10% is reserved for charity.

Winner Block is a decentralized ecosystem that allows players to vote on which charities should receive 10%. The percentage of votes will determine which charity receives the appropriate amount.

The Winner Block’s inaugural charity event was last week. Players had the opportunity to vote on where $1,000 should go. Every organization was awarded the corresponding amount of money, regardless of whether it received 1% votes.

This system is fair and equitable, with every cent going where it is needed. Winner Block has also planned future donations. The platform will create an automatic system where players can vote weekly and decide where the 10% of the jackpot will go.

Winner Block will make weekly donations to players according to their wishes. This is good news and important news, as it means that every week there will be a new jackpot. Players can be assured that Winner Block will reward them regularly, and they will continue to help the community.

Enjoy the Presale Event at Winner Block

Winner Block will host a presale event from June 20 to provide rewards. This event will offer a discounted rate of up to 30 billion WBlock tokens. Participants in the presale will receive a Founders Edition, which gives them access to The Founders Draw.

Players who purchase WBlocks during the presale will be eligible to receive Founder Edition NFTs as well as an entry into the Hall of Fame. Their names will be forever engraved in Winner Block’s History.

Five billion of the 30 million tokens available for presale will be reserved by ICO. They will be divided into three price brackets. Rest of the tokens can be used to fund IDO/IEOs.

WBlock token, which is a native token within Winner Block’s ecosystem, comes with no additional fees. Additionally, transactions can burn 2% of this token. On July 20, the Winner Block webapp will launch. This will allow players to manage their tokens, and play their favorite games.

Play Fair and Decentralized Games, and Support the Community.

Winner Block is an open, transparent platform that allows fair online gaming. It not only provides the best gaming experience but also takes care of its community.

This is why the platform donates 10% of jackpot winnings to charity. Winner Block will develop an automated system so that players can vote each week to determine which charities will receive the funds.