In the trade tariff dispute, the negotiating sides want to meet for a top-level discussion on Thursday (November 23rd). “The Verdi union confirmed this date to us today,” said the German Trade Association (HDE) on Friday evening.

The negotiations have been stuck for months. Verdi recently called for a warning strike in both retail and wholesale.

Verdi federal board member Silke Zimmer said that the meeting had been offered on November 23rd. “Now is the time to quickly find solutions at the negotiating table and put an end to the time game at the expense of the employees.” The aim remains a collective agreement “which does not further worsen the precarious situation of the employees”.

The negotiations in the federal states affect millions of employees. Verdi is demanding, among other things, at least 2.50 euros more per hour in retail in all regions and a term of one year. Depending on the federal state, there are additional requirements.