The Treasury does the numbers to test the viability of the Podemos proposal to set up a public fund endowed with 560 million euros to guarantee that any Spanish citizen can move freely on the different means of public transport at a monthly cost of no more than 10 euros. The proposal is part of the package of measures proposed by the Podemos government area in the face of the imminent extension of the Royal Decree of measures to deal with the effects of the war and according to the Ministry of Finance it is only one of the many that are they’re studying.

Podemos’s proposal is inspired by a measure launched by the German government that allows citizens to travel by metro, bus, tram and regional trains with a single ticket that costs nine euros.

The idea is to encourage the use of public transportation and reduce the demand for fuel at a time when gasoline prices are skyrocketing due to rising prices of the raw material, oil.

As explained at the time by the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, in this case the transport pass subsidized by the State could be used in all public means of urban and interurban transport and its monthly cost would be ten euros.

The measure would have certain implementation problems since each autonomous community and even each municipality offers users specific transport cards, which could make it difficult to implement the measure, reports EFE. Podemos’s approach involves the State financing a fund that serves to compensate the autonomous communities and local entities for the costs generated by this measure.