The federal states are also demanding that the price of the future 49-euro ticket for local transport be regularly reviewed.

The Federal Council decided on a statement on the planned draft law, which states, among other things: “The price will be fixed annually in coordination with the federal and state governments.” The ticket, which can be used nationwide, should start at 49 euros per month, which is expressly described as an introductory price. Later increases are therefore not excluded.

The Federal Council also called on the federal government to secure long-term joint financing. The draft law introduced by Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) provides that the federal government will initially provide 1.5 billion euros from 2023 to 2025 to compensate for half of the loss of income from transport providers. The other half should take over the countries. The draft law is now coming to the Bundestag for further deliberations. After the resolution of the parliament, the Federal Council finally deals with it.

The nationwide public transport ticket for buses and trains is scheduled to start on May 1st. A digitally bookable, monthly terminable subscription is planned. The offer should build on the popular 9-euro ticket from last summer.

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