Almost every second bicycle sold in Germany last year had an electric motor. 2.2 million e-bikes meant an increase of 10 percent and a sales record, as reported by the two-wheeler industry associations (ZIV) and bicycle trade associations (VDZ) on Wednesday. The number of conventional bicycles fell slightly, but at 2.4 million they were still just ahead of the electric competition. With a total of 4.6 million bicycles sold, the sales record of around 5 million from the first Corona year 2020 remained unbeaten.

In 2022, three out of four bikes were sold in Germany through stationary retailers, most of the others through specialized online retailers. The industry turnover was 7.36 billion euros and has thus almost quadrupled since 2012.

With an average price of 2800 euros, e-bikes were even more expensive across all sales channels than in 2021 at 2650 euros, the ZIV reported. Conventional “bio-bikes” also cost an average of 500 euros, slightly more than in the previous year (466 euros). The trade mentioned higher average prices of 714 euros per bike and 3570 euros per e-bike.