The launch of the 49-euro monthly ticket for local transport has taken another step forward. The federal cabinet introduced a draft law that regulates, among other things, the financial participation of the federal government. “We now want to get the legislative process up and running quickly,” said Transport Minister Volker Wissing. In addition to the Bundestag and Bundesrat, the EU Commission must also agree.

The Deutschlandticket, which is valid nationwide, is scheduled to start on May 1st and will be on sale from April. As agreed between the federal and state governments, the federal government is providing the states with an additional EUR 1.5 billion for the years 2023 to 2025. The states pay the other half of the cost.

According to an evaluation, there should be a new legislative process in 2025 to further finance the ticket, as stated in the draft amendment to the regionalization law. The ticket starts at 49 euros per month. The price could increase over time. Wissing’s draft law also envisages simplifying the procedure for tariff approvals in the federal states for the ticket.

The ticket was intended to overcome complex tariff structures, said Wissing. It should create an incentive to opt for local public transport not only for reasons of cost, but also for reasons of climate protection. Another real step forward is that the ticket can only be bought digitally. “Of course, digital doesn’t just mean by mobile phone,” said the minister. In addition to an app, there will be a chip card as proof of ticketing for travelers without a cell phone. In places where the technical possibilities for electronic ticket control are not yet available, there should be an interim solution.