The Playmobil manufacturer Horst Brandstätter Group has announced for the first time how much its sales have fallen over the past two years. “In the 2023/2024 financial year, sales amounted to around 490 million euros,” the company said.

In 2022/2023 it was 571 million euros, a year before that it was 736 million. Overall, there is a decline of around a third within two years. The company did not provide any information on profits or losses.

The company had already reorganized its leadership last year and announced in the fall that it planned to cut around 700 jobs by 2025. It was now said that a large part of the job cuts had already taken place. Times are tough for companies, the Horst Brandstätter Group is suffering “like most companies from the weak economy, stubborn inflation, rising wage, transport and energy costs, but also from the slump in consumption and reluctance to buy.”

The Playmobil parent is more optimistic for the new financial year, which has been running since April 1st: “After two difficult years, Playmobil has a positive forecast for the coming months,” explained the company. “The stringent cost management in the production plants has also led to significant savings and a reduction in inventory levels without jeopardizing delivery capability.”