“It may be that we complain about in the autumn of every little thing that we turn off the lights after the holidays and more on ‘green,'” said Thomas Eigenthaler, compared to “T-online” on Wednesday. The reason was that because of the Corona-crisis, the tax office had worked with employees at the home office. One could not exclude the possibility that the processing of individual cases would take longer, said self-Thaler.

“Need to consider exactly what we will examine,”

This was not, however, in the interest of the financial offices. “We want to procrastinate no backlog of tax returns in front of us.” In fact, the tax authorities are the only authorities that are not likely to be with your Work for years in the backlog: “this is Why we need to think carefully about what we check and what not,” says Eigenthaler more.

in April, individual tax offices had warned that the editing could take this year a bit longer because of a lack of personnel available to many of the additional tasks in connection with the crisis. As a result, many Offices are now also more accommodating in the case of Deferrals and Late fees.

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slumped noted that” Many citizens may already have. At least, those who have filed their tax return this year, especially early on – because they had an unusual amount of time; mainly, because in the Corona of a pandemic, every Cent of reimbursement is urgently needed.

But those who were particularly early and your tax return already filed have, thus self-punished?

is: The financial offices, the hot Phase is still to come, for it is only on 31. July ends the deadline for submission of the tax Declaration for 2019. Check list for tax return Our PDF guide shows you how you can get your tax return quickly and save.To the PDF guide

That the normal worker in this year with the cheating at the tax return to come through, which you would notice at other times, however, unlikely. In the simple cases, expect a delay, said self-Thaler. The trade Union boss, who represents the 80,000 Workers of the financial management tends to think in more complicated cases – “if you roll, for example, balance sheets, and additional income is necessary to check up”.

Anyway, the tax authorities do not check, even in normal times the amount of time each tax return to the heart and kidneys. 10 to 15 percent are processed according to self-Thaler full-automatically, without you having to get a financial official in the fingers. The aim is to increase this rate to 50 percent. However, “would allow the legislature more often blind eye, but this is my consent,” says Eigenthaler.

Many tax returns are only in case of abnormalities more precisely,

tested Numerous other tax returns, mostly simple normal workers without high non-recurring income, only to plausibility. Here, large deviations in the previous year, if the Mileage rises sharply, although work and place of residence remain the same. Only a sample and selected special items are thoroughly put under the microscope. Your tax return in 30 minutes

Using the PDF-guide the annoying tax return succeed in you in just 30 minutes. Plus: tips and Tricks for the tax savings, as well as a great accountant Test.

PDF guide

The Ministry of Finance of indulgence not tax issues not good. “We assume that the tax authorities examine the tax returns to the extent that it is provided for by law,” stressed a spokeswoman on Wednesday. There is no reason to believe that they work, not because of the pandemic is capable of.

No mileage allowance for home-office-time –

The pandemic causes, however, that the tax is likely to be a statement in the coming year for many more complicated and the tax savings goes down even lower than usual. Especially for those who are currently working from the kitchen table, by the children’s Desk or home work room. For example, the mileage allowance for the route to and from work for the time of the home office, such as self-Thaler confirmed.

Who but hopes to be able to return to his home office tax deductions, will often go out empty: it is Recognised this is currently only, if the room is used as well as exclusively for business – a Desk in the living room or bedroom counts, not just the dining table in the kitchen. “So great living conditions, many don’t have,” laments the trade-Union boss.

new packages for the home office?

self Thaler argues, therefore, similar to the Hessian Finance Minister Michael Boddenberg (CDU) – for a home office package. 600 Euro flat rate of the tax is a sensible idea should be deducted “”. “Because if we start in the tax office now to reduce the mileage rate in return, but nothing to offer, will only bring Trouble.”

The Federal taxpayers, however, are even 100 Euro in a month, i.e. up to 1200 euros a year, is appropriate. “Even those who have only a temporarily furnished, work corner or at the kitchen table and your company Running, should get a tax recognition,” demanded the Association President Reiner wooden nail. A photo from my computer has to meet the financial offices. The Ministry of Finance has such a fee, however, so far not at all on the paper.

a variety of additional costs for workers due to Corona

The home office further supplementary, moreover, results in costs that do not overlook many of the workers may yet. For example, you must expect higher electricity bills. The use of personal Computer, Internet access, telephone costs, higher cost of Parking – all of these expenses should settle home workers in the coming year on the lump sum, the tax number Federal. This would also relieve the tax offices that do not have to consider mass telephone bills, and work rooms.

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