The PSOE will register this Monday in Congress a particular vote to try to correct the unstoppable of the maximum contribution bases that it supported by mistake in the votes of the law of employment pension plans. The vote of the Socialists allowed the Labor Commission to approve four amendments by its government partner, United We Can, among which was to remove the limit on the contributions of the highest salaries, a historic claim of the pensioners’ movement to increase income to Social Security.

In that package there was also an amendment that reverses the exemption to force the employers’ contributions to the plans to be quoted and others that cut the tax advantages in personal income tax contemplated in the norm.

After the vote, and realizing the error, from the PSOE bench they demanded to repeat the vote, but the president of the Commission, Antón Gómez-Reino, of United We Can, rejected this possibility at the request of the lawyer, and summoned the socialists to cast a private vote. “I will go down in history,” commented the spokesperson for the PSOE in the Toledo Pact, Mercé Perea, after the vote, without realizing that she had the microphone open at that time.

Once the Commission was finished, from the PSOE they assured that it approved these amendments by mistake, understanding that it was facing a transaction agreed with its partners.

Now these modifications have been registered in the opinion of the law, but the intention of the PSOE with its private vote is to exclude them and to achieve this it will need to be approved by a majority. In principle, the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos voted against the United We Can amendments, so, if they only abstain, the Socialists could win the vote.

In principle, the particular votes should have been presented last Friday, but since the text of the opinion was not available, the deadline was postponed until 2:00 p.m. this Monday.

If the PSOE does not achieve the correction, the law with the unstoppable will be sent to the Senate and there the Socialists would have another opportunity to rectify it by presenting an amendment and winning the vote.