From Avianza, the Spanish Interprofessional Association of Poultry Meat, sent this Wednesday a message of tranquility to consumers after the information that points to “possible shortages of chicken after the summer.” Thus, those responsible for Avianza called for responsibility not to convey critical messages such as the “possible shortage” of chicken, since “they can generate even more uncertainty in an already tense social and economic situation.” They also guaranteed the supply of poultry meat to businesses to “continue bringing the necessary product” to homes.

However, from Avianza they admitted that the sector is at a time of “maximum tension in the market”. In this sense, Avianza reported “alarming figures” for all those who are part of the production chain.

Along these lines, they cited the runaway increase in electricity prices, as well as the rise in grain and feed prices.

Some costs that “the integration companies have been assuming with all responsibility to continue bringing poultry meat to the population,” reads the Avianza statement.

However, the sector is made up of “an infinity” of other actors such as genetic research, farm rearing, production, processing, marketing, labour, the plastic and cardboard sector and “all these ramifications are in critical condition.”

In this context, Avianza urges compliance with the Food Chain Law, “but in real time and in a fair manner.” For this to be the case, they need the “responsibility” on the part of the distribution to make a remuneration “according to the increase of all these items”