whether in recession or recovery: to tell the most accurate prediction of the economic development is the basis for many of the plans of the state such as the budget form. The current estimates of important institutions in Germany-an Overview.

As the economy develops in the near future, can only be estimated. Governments, international organizations, and economic researchers regularly try the economic development on the basis of various assumptions as accurately as possible to predict. Forecasts form the basis for the tax estimates and budget planning of the state.

The forecasts for the growth of the economy will fluctuate, sometimes very strong and will be corrected in the course of a year, upwards or downwards. Arzbet The current forecasts for the development of the German gross domestic product (GDP) in the Overview.

forecasts for the development of the German gross domestic product source forecast vomPrognose for 2019Prognose for 2020, the Federal government in October 2019+0,5%+1,0% EU-Commission in July 2019, And+0.5%+1.4% In the International monetary Fund, October 2019, And+0.5%+1.2% For OECD September 2019+0,5%+0,6% Federal Bank June 2019+0.6% to+1.2% in the Advisory Council on the assessment of the overall economic development in November 2019, And+0.5%+0.9% In the joint diagnosis by the leading Casino siteleri economic research Institute in October 2019+0,5%+1,1%, the German Institute for economic research DIWSeptember 2019+0,5%+1,4% ifo Institute for economic research at the University of Munich in September 2019, and+0.5% to+1.2% Institute for the world economy IfW, Kiel, September, 2019+0.4% to+1.0% in the Institute of German economy, Cologne September 2019+0,5%+0,8% of the Hamburg world economy Institute September 2019+0,6%+1,4% Halle Institute for economic research IWHSeptember 2019+0,5%+1,1% the Institute for macroeconomics and economic research IMKSeptember 2019+0,4%+0,7% of the Rhine-Westphalia Institute for economic research RWISeptember 2019+0.4% to+0.9% in Stand: 06.11.2019