As part of a realignment, the telecommunications provider Vodafone Germany wants to cut 1,300 full-time jobs. Jobs are particularly affected in management, in dual functions and in areas without direct customer contact. At the same time, around 400 new jobs should be created in “customer-related areas”, the subsidiary of the British Vodafone group announced on Wednesday in Düsseldorf. The areas included technology, network expansion and major customer projects. This effectively eliminated 900 full-time positions. The “Handelsblatt” had previously reported on it.

“If we want to finance our ambitions, we have to take this painful step,” quoted the “Handelsblatt” German boss Philippe Rogge, who is also a member of the group’s board of directors in London. According to the information, Vodafone Germany has 14,230 full-time positions.

The Vodafone Group has recently had difficult quarters, and Germany, by far the most important market, also had to lose feathers. In the third business quarter (until the end of December), the Düsseldorfers managed to land only 8,000 new mobile phone contracts after deducting terminations. Vodafone Germany lost customers for DSL and cable.