In collective bargaining at Deutsche Telekom, the employers and the union are still far apart. The company presented an offer on Tuesday in Cologne, according to which a tax-free inflation compensation bonus of 2,000 euros would be paid this year. There should not be a percentage increase in monthly salaries until 2025, namely by 4.2 percent in January. A further 150 euros per month will be added in October 2025 – depending on the tariff group, this would be an increase of up to 4.2 percent, according to Telekom. Trainees and dual students should also receive more money.

The offer is not enough for Verdi. “Significant improvements are expected,” the union said. The employee representatives are demanding an increase of 12 percent in a 12-month collective agreement, while Telekom is aiming for a 27-month term.

According to the Bonn-based group, the collective agreement would apply to 55,500 employees. Verdi, however, wants to include other divisions so that the requirements would apply to 70,000 employees. In the past few weeks, Verdi had tried to put pressure on people with warning strikes. Some Telekom customers felt this: technician appointments were canceled and the waiting time on the service hotline was sometimes extended. There could be further warning strikes in the future.