According to a survey, many large companies are positive about the transition to a climate-neutral German economy. A good three quarters (76 percent) of companies with an annual turnover of more than 500 million euros expect that the green transformation will make Germany more attractive as a business location, according to a survey by the state development bank KfW. Only around 12 percent of the approximately 140 large companies surveyed fear negative consequences.

According to the information, there are a total of 1,800 large companies in Germany. These are particularly relevant for the conversion to climate neutrality. “The signs in the economy point to sustainable transformation,” said KfW boss Stefan Wintels. “As KfW, we can see this awakening in many places.”

According to the information, around 44 percent of the large companies expect the green transformation to have a positive impact on their international competitiveness. Another 31 percent do not expect any consequences. Only 16 percent of the companies expect negative effects. According to the information, companies with a lower share of energy costs in the total costs tend to be more confident than companies with higher energy costs.