According to a survey, when it comes to saving energy in household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, there seems to be a wide gap between desire and reality. 82 percent of Germans state that they have been paying more attention to their consumption since the beginning of the energy crisis, as the survey by the market research institute Appinio on behalf of the household appliance manufacturer Miele revealed. 62 percent also place great emphasis on sustainability when purchasing.

After the purchase, however, the economy is over: 15 percent state that they use the washing machine’s Eco program. With the dishwasher it is 30 percent. Only every tenth German chooses the eco mode most frequently for both devices, although consumers could save an average of over 33 euros a year, according to Miele.

For 38 percent of those surveyed, the Eco program is taking too long. 22 percent state that the result is not satisfactory. 18 percent choose other programs out of habit. 15 percent think that the designated economy mode uses more energy and water than other programs. 11 percent of those surveyed believe that all programs are equally economical for devices with energy efficiency class A or B.

When it comes to their own habits, 60 percent of those surveyed state that they always or often switch off the preset Eco program. One in three always or frequently washes the dishes by hand before they go into the dishwasher.