At first glance it could be a Porsche Taycan. Or a Tesla Model S. But if you take a closer look, you will notice that the sports coupe called Su7 is not part of the range of an established manufacturer, but is intended to be the Chinese Xiaomi group’s debut electric car.

The Su7 (Su stands for “Speed ​​Ultra”) will be delivered to China as early as next year. Xiaomi initially left it open whether and when the car would come to Europe. The basic model will start with a Max version to follow later.

When the car was presented, numbers were thrown around that made the hearts of those interested in electric cars beat faster. On the one hand there is the performance. The Su7 Max with two engines and all-wheel drive is said to have 673 hp and accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.78 seconds. It should only reach its limit at 265 km/h.

According to the Chinese CLTC standard, the range should be around 800 kilometers, and Xiaomi specifies the battery capacity as 101 kilowatt hours. For comparison: The Porsche Taycan uses a battery with 93.4 kilowatt hours, and the manufacturer specifies the range as up to 527 kilometers according to the CLTC standard. Xiaomi would therefore have to squeeze almost 300 kilometers out of 7.6 kilowatt hours, which seems quite ambitious. In addition, the China CLTC standard determines the range at lower speeds, meaning it has lower requirements than the WLTP standard common in Europe. This value probably has little to do with reality.

The Xiaomi Su7 can also be charged at a fast charging station with 800 volts. This not only enables very high charging performance at certain points, but also covers a fairly wide charge level range. Translated: The Su7 not only charges at full power when there are very specific remaining capacities, but also does so over a longer period of time. This makes it possible to significantly increase the range within just a few minutes. Xiaomi speaks of 510 kilometers in 15 minutes. That too: very ambitious. Especially since it requires extremely powerful charging stations, which do exist in this country but are clearly in the minority.

The standard rear-wheel drive Su7 also boasts impressive numbers. Xiaomi speaks of 299 hp power, 5.28 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and a range of 668 kilometers. The manufacturer specifies the capacity of the battery as 73.6 kilowatt hours and is charged using a 400-volt architecture. The top speed is stated as 210 km/h.

Aside from the pure driving performance, the Su7 should offer a sound system with 25 speakers, a 16.1-inch touchscreen and a 5.6-inch head-up display.

Company boss Lei Jun did not want to talk about prices at the car’s presentation. All that was clear from his statements was that you probably couldn’t count on a Porsche competitor at a ridiculous price. More detailed information would follow.

Those: Xiaomi