Taylor Swift writes songs, Margot Robbie creates movie moments and Venus Williams plays tennis well. Kim Kardashian is only famous for being famous. How does it work? For the vast majority of mainstream influencers, they didn’t become famous because of any particular talent. They have managed to build a community by presenting their supposedly true selves to the public. The only difference to most influencers is that Kim Kardashian has never acted like the girl next door.

She was the first to radically flood all social networks with selfies. To what extent has this changed the way we deal with ourselves and the media? Kardashian was the pioneer of a new visual language. The selfie is not just an invention of the 2010s, which is now imitated billions of times a day. The influencers have turned the way people see and present themselves on its head: While previously no one would have thought of showing off their food on the street, nowadays it’s completely normal to have yourself photographed doing so , how to eat a Healthy Bowl that has already been designed by the restaurant to be “instagrammable”. Almost every young person adopts the visual language of the influencers – often ironically, but still with the same poses and filters.

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