Sex sells. Christmas sells. And it makes the sex-julekalendere apparently also.

for Example, the webshop Sinful already sold just as many as they sold last year – over 25,000 pieces.

the christmas calendar contains only erotic products. But why buy such a cheeky little satan?

B. T. has spoken with clinical sexologist Maj Wismann on just that. She tells that there can be several reasons for that you go out and buy a cheeky advent calendar with a web store as Sinful. But it is not only something for the few, as some might think.

“I also know singles who are purchasing one for themselves. They do this in order to focus on their own sexuality – otherwise use it with a sexual partner,” she says.

It can be quite rewarding for a couple to buy such a for the month of december. But there is also one trap, one must be careful.

“it is a naughty advent calendar, does not mean that one should do something every night. You can also just open a door and talk about it together. It must be fun, play and enjoy, Jojobet so I think you can get much out of it,” she says and continues:

“As småbørnsmor I would get sweat on the forehead, if I got such a with an expectation that there had to happen something every day. The most important is, in essence, that there is a dialogue about how to use it in a relationship. Pressure and duty turns everything sex life to death.”

Maj Wismann says she also knows people who are doing their own cheeky julekalendere, where to buy sex toys and other good to each other.

Sinful inform that the high demand has led to have produced twice as many julekalendere compared to last year.

They are selling to the whole country, but says that it is especially in the smaller towns, there has been most progress – clean procentmæssigt.

for Example, is the sale of Bredebro in south Jutland has increased by 1,500 percent.