On the weekend showed the severe weather in Germany, their use of deadly force. A 44-Year-old died as a result of a lightning strike. He, the CDU is supposed to be-local politicians have been.

The weather* in Germany was at the weekend, in part, extreme . the Strong storms * moved on Saturday, and on Sunday night about the country. A 44-year-old man in Höhnstedt (Saxony-Anhalt) died as a result of a lightning strike. He, the CDU is supposed to be-politicians have been.

Halle (Saale) – On Saturday evening (13. June) showed a severe weather in the Northern hall of the circle his use of deadly force. At a barbecue party in Höhnstedt a lightning a 44-year-old man has slain . The funds reported a German newspaper.

According to police, the man is said to have celebrated with some of the other people in a garden. To go to the toilet, he had been under the towers of a high-voltage line . There, the flash a hit against 21.20, the report of the Central German newspaper.

“This is after our knowledge of the stand worst incident of the storm have been,” said police spokesman Ralf Karlstedt of the local newspaper. The man died as a result of the force of Nature. came too late to help. Mitfeiernde had tried in vain to resuscitate the 44-Year-old. The MDR reported.

severe weather: 44-year-old CDU politician of lightning (Saxony-Anhalt)

the 44-year-old victim, it should be according to Bild.de (behind paywall) to a CDU local politicians , the district Council member was soon to be in the district Council wanted to move. The Celebration should have taken place on a plot of land with lots of trees. The Power pole was made of wood and not to differ slightly from the trees.

On the weekend of intense thunderstorms moved mainly through the Eastern part of Germany, this led to several accidents. On Saturday 350.00 flashes were detected and gusts of wind reached a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. The Portal of the German weather radar reported on Twitter.

about Bayern violent storm moved in. In Swabia, a 30-year-old Pregnant women* had to save himself from the flames, which had caused a flash of lightning, out into the open. The merkur.de* reported. In Berlin, there was a severe weather made for spectacular shots, reminiscent of the movie “Independence Day”.


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