The sales gamble for the insolvent Hunsrück Airport Hahn, among others with a Russian investor, is already entering a new round. Insolvency administrator Jan Markus Plathner opened the ongoing investor process to further “bidders and other interested parties” according to the announcement on Monday.

The lawyer added: “The deadline for submitting offers is March 9, 2023 and a conclusion should be made by March 26, 2023 if possible, whereby a change in the process – also in terms of time – is expressly reserved.” According to Plathner, flight operations are “continued in full” – with other European destinations in the summer flight schedule.

International prospects

With the reopening of the Hahn sale poker, which has long been recognized nationwide, the insolvency administrator could increase the purchase price in favor of the creditors and offer them even more choice in terms of investors and concepts. According to information from SWR and the German Press Agency, the reason for this is that the Turkish airport operator YDA has now also submitted proof of financing for an entry at Hahn Airport. YDA has also announced new investments there.

In view of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, the Federal Ministry of Economics is currently examining the entry of the Russian entrepreneur Viktor Charitonin am Hahn. Meanwhile, NR Holding AG of the Nürburgring around Charitonin is examining a less influential holding of just under 25 percent of the shares in the airport.

According to dpa information, NR Holding AG and the Mainz real estate group Richter have both already signed a purchase contract for Hahn Airport and transferred the purchase price. However, NR Holding AG, as the owner of the Eifel race track, paid more – according to dpa information, around 20 million euros. Previously, the Frankfurt Swift Conjoy GmbH had made the race with an even higher offer – but never paid. The state of Hesse still holds 17.5 percent of Hunsrück Airport Hahn.