The German arms company Rheinmetall wants to start servicing tanks in Ukraine in the coming days. “We will start the service this month,” said Armin Papperger, CEO of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper”.

The first twelve employees from the Ukraine have already started their training in Germany, and another twelve will be added. Germany is supplying Leopard main battle tanks, among other things, to support Ukraine in its defense against Russia. Since wear and tear in battles is high, regular maintenance is important.

The head of the Düsseldorf-based group also confirmed its intention to start producing tanks in Ukraine as soon as possible. “It can happen quickly, there are enough well-equipped Soviet-era tank factories there,” he said. The company wants to rent these and then manufacture vehicles with the NATO standard on one or two production lines. Ukraine must eventually become independent in arms production. “The West cannot settle all the scores forever, and President Zelenskyy agrees.”

Rheinmetall has now inaugurated a new plant for the production of the Lynx infantry fighting vehicle in the south-west Hungarian city of Zalaegerszeg. The opening ceremony was attended by Armin Papperger and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The company produces the Lynx armored personnel carriers and other tracked and wheeled vehicles for the Hungarian armed forces, as Rheinmetall announced. Among other things, 209 Lynx armored personnel carriers are to roll off the assembly line at the Zalaegerszeg plant. Rheinmetall also takes care of the supply of spare parts and the training of tank drivers.