According to a survey, housing costs in Germany are depressing almost half of the population. In a Yougov online survey commissioned by Postbank, 40.5 percent of participants said they could “barely” afford their housing costs. Another 7.4 percent felt overwhelmed with their current housing costs and “actually could no longer bear them”, the institute announced on Saturday. On the other hand, 46.3 percent of the participants had no difficulty paying for rent or their own home.

With a net household income of less than 2,500 euros a month, almost two thirds (62.4 percent) see the costs as too high. 50.8 percent say they can barely afford their apartment and a further 11.6 percent actually feel overwhelmed. “Coupled with the sharp increase in the cost of living, this is bringing many people to their financial limits,” said Manuel Beermann, real estate expert at Postbank.

According to the survey, tenants are more dissatisfied with their living situation and their living environment than the owners. As a result, almost half (46.3 percent) of tenants would rather live in their own four walls. Obstacles are a lack of equity (55.1 percent), high costs for financing and acquisition (42.7 percent and 40.9 percent) and the lack of supply (16.9 percent). Multiple entries were possible here. 21.6 percent rented because they wanted to be flexible in terms of location and 21.5 percent feared financial restrictions when buying a property.