Everyone moans about the rising prices and rents that they can no longer afford. With additional costs, electricity and WiFi, the housing factor eats up half of your income, if not more.

But there is another way, my friends show us how to do it. You get rich from housing. They have just moved out; previously they lived in a chic new building. A single house, you can also call it a villa. Estimated size is a little under 300 square feet of living space. The highlight of the house is the garden and the top floor. The children are running around downstairs, but above everything there is a penthouse retreat for the parents with its own roof terrace. And all the fun didn’t cost the family a cent. How is this possible? Are these people scammers? Cunning rental nomads? No, the answer is much simpler: they are simply rich.

They moved in and bought the house about ten years ago. Unfortunately, the marriage for the previous owners only lasted until the screed was dry. Now they move to another country and have to give up their domicile again.

If they achieve anything close to the asking price, they will make a million euros plus. That makes around 100,000 in profit a year. This should easily cover all living costs including gardening. There are probably even a few hundred thousand left. Living in this price range is worthwhile. Instead of being a burden, it becomes additional income. Incidentally, one cannot assume that the couple had any intention to speculate. They needed a house for the family – but then they acted wisely and did everything right.

The family wouldn’t have needed the additional income anyway. He works in the management team of an international company and now they are moving on to the place that the next career step requires. In this price range, the relocation of the management is carefully accompanied by the company and certainly also financially supported. Let’s hope the next house will be such a good deal too.