Verdi boss Frank Werneke threatens to expand the protests before the next round of negotiations in the public sector.

“The next strikes will have a different dimension,” says Werneke of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” (FAS). “The members’ willingness to take action is great.” “If it becomes necessary, the strike is planned.” Should the employers submit a really good offer next week, an agreement can be reached quickly, emphasized Werneke.

Otherwise, the current warning strikes at airports, in local transport or in daycare centers are just a foretaste. “In addition, there are, for example, the garbage disposal or the hospitals.” Locks on the waterways might not be served either. “And maybe there won’t be any tickets if the employees of the regulatory authorities go on strike.”

demand for more income

Regarding the Verdi demands, Werneke said that the increase in wages and salaries by a fixed amount of 500 euros, from which lower income groups in particular benefit, is more important than a percentage increase for all salary groups. The latter is primarily the wish of employers, who fear that the public service will be less attractive for lawyers, engineers or personnel managers.

Verdi and the civil servants’ association DBB are demanding 10.5 percent more income in the public service wage dispute, but at least 500 euros more for the approximately 2.5 million federal and local employees. The term should be twelve months. The employers have rejected the claims. The second round of negotiations is scheduled for February 22nd and 23rd in Potsdam.