In competition with Meta and Tiktok, YouTube will introduce a number of functions for creatives based on artificial intelligence. The Google subsidiary announced this in a live stream on the Internet. The software tools are intended to help creatives on the YouTube platform to create text, background images, music and other media with simple instructions and to incorporate their videos.

For example, the “Dream Screen” tool should be able to use generative AI to create video or image backgrounds for the vertical short videos on the platform (“Youtube Shorts”). With “Shorts”, YouTube is primarily competing against the Chinese cell phone video platform Tiktok, but also against services such as Instagram from the Facebook group Meta. At the same time, YouTube is releasing additional tools with artificial intelligence functions that are intended to help with editing long videos on the platform.

App is intended to simplify video production

“We’re introducing a range of products and features that enable people to push the boundaries of creative expression,” said Toni Reid, vice president of community products at YouTube. She acknowledged that the video production process can be difficult and often prevents beginners from uploading their first video. “To simplify this process and enable anyone to create and share videos directly on YouTube, we are introducing a new mobile app called YouTube Create.” The app will be free and is intended to simplify video production. “Creators should be able to concentrate more on the things they enjoy.”

The app, which will first be available on smartphones running Google’s Android operating system, offers video editing tools such as precise editing, automatic subtitles, voiceover functions and access to a library of filters, effects, transitions and royalty-free music. This means that creative people are no longer dependent on complex editing software. The new software tools will initially be made available to users in the USA, but will then also come to Europe by the end of the year.