The price of gasoline continues to mark record highs week after week. Drivers continue to look for the gas stations that offer the lowest price, in addition to looking for the best price based on the discounts that both the State and the operators are offering.

In the middle of last month, the employers of service stations already warned that the price of fuel could reach 3 euros per liter.

Both Repsol and Cepsa had been offering one per liter that offered an additional discount to the already known 20 cents from the Government. Both oil companies, in addition, extended the discount on fuel to up to ten cents.

Last week, the Council of Ministers extended the discount until December 31.

Following the announcement of this measure, both Repsol and Cepsa have extended the duration of their offer, covering the entire summer.

As announced by Cepsa last Thursday, the company is extending the discount of 30 cents per liter until the end of the year. As specified, five cents off the Government is added to the discount that Cepsa offers to all customers who refuel at its gas stations, to which another five cents are added to the members of the ‘Why You Come Back’ program.

In addition, the oil company, thanks to its commercial alliances with Carrefour and Wizink, offers an additional discount of 20 cents. Thus, the consumer can achieve a total discount when refueling up to 50 cents per liter.

For its part, Repsol has also announced the extension of its discounts at its more than 3,300 service stations throughout Spain. Customers who use the ‘waylet’ application will obtain an additional discount of 10 cents, five in the case of not using the application, which will be added to the discount offered by the State.

Consumers will be able to benefit from these conditions from July 1 until the end of the summer. In addition, these discounts may be added to those already offered by other means by the oil company.

When communicating this extension, Repsol pointed out that this discount had saved its clients some 150 million euros. This figure is being assumed entirely by the company, which wanted to emphasize its commitment to society.

In the same vein, Cepsa highlighted the “exceptional context of high fuel prices”, which led the company to make the decision to extend its discount, from which more than 1.6 million customers have already benefited.