The autumn meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank is scheduled to take place in Marrakech as planned despite the earthquake in Morocco. After careful consideration, the directorates of the World Bank and the IMF, together with the Moroccan authorities, have agreed to hold the annual meeting from October 9 to 15 in Marrakesh and to adapt the content to the circumstances, both Washington-based organizations said yesterday evening ( local time).

It is of the utmost importance that ongoing relief efforts are not hindered. “We believe that the annual meeting will also provide an opportunity for the international community to stand by Morocco and its people during this very difficult time,” it said.

The quake shook the North African country a week and a half ago. According to Moroccan authorities, thousands of people were killed or injured. The annual meeting brings together finance ministers, representatives of the financial sector and development cooperation, and central bankers. As part of the meeting, the IMF will also present a new forecast for the further development of the global economy.