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Tchibo has to realign its offer: the popular coffee retailer writes a loss before interest and taxes of 167 million euros. Above all, the planned turnover in the retail business apart from food “was not realized due to the inflation-related reluctance of customers to buy”. In plain language: The business with children’s clothing or kitchen utensils is not going so well at the moment.

Tchibo explains that business remains relatively stable with positive developments in the coffee business. According to the German Coffee Association, coffee consumption away from home in Germany skyrocketed with the end of the corona pandemic.

So it’s no wonder that Tchibo wants to strengthen its core business and is putting all other offers to the test. In addition to coffee, furniture, clothing and kitchen utensils, Tchibo has also offered package travel packages for years. But that will soon be the end of it: as the portal fvw|TravelTalk reports, Tchibo intends to stop selling travel soon.

“It is true that we will no longer be arranging trips in the future. We will therefore stop marketing in the next few months,” confirms Tchibo in response to an inquiry from fvw|TravelTalk.

Tchibo’s travel offers now have a certain tradition and have been on sale since 1997.

“The business has developed well over the years, but has recently shown too little growth potential,” explains Tchibo. “We have therefore decided to focus on our other business areas,” fvw|TravelTalk quotes the Hamburg group as saying.

All customers who have booked a trip through Tchibo need not worry. “All trips arranged through us are carried out by our tour operator partners,” assures Tchibo.