The selection of Mini Stromers is growing. On the one hand there is the Microlino or the Opel Rocks-e. The Rüsselsheim cube has the disadvantage that it only goes 45 km/h. The Isetta clone Microlino certainly has a charm bonus, but it’s not the most practical representative of the electric city flea genus. And what about the founding model, the Renault Twizy? It will be discontinued in September 2023. However, this does not mean that the concept ends up in the automotive dead end.

The Saxon start-up Ari Motors fills this gap with the Ari 902. For prices starting at 13,990 euros (excluding VAT), you can get a city electric vehicle that is tailored to your needs in the Pure, Cargo and Comfort versions. This dedicated mobility is not to be equated with doing without: Electric windows, an MP4 player with touchscreen, a Bluetooth device, central locking with radio remote control and even a reversing camera are standard.

If you opt for the Comfort variant (15,990 euros, (excl. VAT), you get air conditioning and seat heating. All variants include maneuverability for tight urban areas. With a length of 2.95 meters, a width of 1 .49 meters and a turning circle of just 7.90 meters, the Ari 902 always delivers on the promise that Smart made years ago.

Despite the compact dimensions, the loading volume is 766 liters. This makes the Ari 902 not only suitable for weekly shopping, but also for delivery services, mobile caregivers or craftsmen who want to get from A to B as quickly as possible. There is even a cargo version for 14,990 euros (without VAT) and a socket where you can charge cordless screwdrivers or similar devices.

With the power of 15 kW / 20.4 hp and the resulting one is fast enough within urban areas. The consumption of 8.8 kWh (urban) and 10.0 kWh (extra-urban) is easy on the budget. 9.2 kWh batteries are installed as standard, which are enough for 110 kilometers, if you choose the 10.35 kWh battery, it will already cover 140 kilometers and with the largest energy storage with 18.1 kWh, there is even a range of up to 200 kilometers. If that’s not enough, you can order the optional solar panel for the roof, which further increases the range in good weather. It is charged via a 230-volt socket, which takes at least four to five hours, depending on the battery size.

The small electric vehicles are produced in China, including at Jianyuan EV, a manufacturer of mini electric vehicles. Ari, which by the way means ant in Japanese, takes over the homologation and the adaptation to the European standards in the own factories in Borna and Ricany.