Since the early 1990s, Jon Hennessey and his team have been doing everything they can to make fast cars even more brutal, sharper and sportier. It’s no wonder that a number of sports cars, trucks and SUVs hold countless speed and acceleration records. Despite all the electric trends, or precisely because electric models are becoming more and more widespread in the automotive world, Hennessey’s order books are fuller than ever.

Since 2022 alone, more than 1,100 vehicles have been delivered to performance-hungry customers around the world. Now Hennessey has decided to create a new division called “Hennessey Special Operations – HSO”, which will build highly exclusive and high-performance vehicles for its most demanding customers. The new HSO department wants to produce no more than 20 exclusive individual pieces per year for which potential customers have to apply.

“The demand for our high-performance vehicles has been so great in recent years that we have had to transform from a high-volume tuning company to a factory with assembly lines and all the logistics associated with delivering over 500 vehicles per year.” , company founder and CEO John Hennessey looks back.

The transition to a manufacturer with a factory that produces more and more vehicles also meant that the Texans had to divert some of their development and production resources from the particularly high-performance vehicles. John Hennessey: “We are pleased to announce that we have created a new division within the company that will enable us to build mega-powerful vehicles in small series. Taking my new Dodge Demon 170, removing the supercharging, a Adding a few turbos and increasing the power from 1,025 to 1,700 horsepower was exactly what we wanted to do.”

The new Hennessey Demon 1700 Twin-Turbo is the latest and probably most spectacular vehicle from the luxury tuner. The Demon based on the Dodge Charger has been extensively redesigned; among other things, with a new, blue-painted engine and gearbox. The factory V8 supercharger with 6.2 liter displacement from the Demon 170 is welded in and preserved for storage. There is a reason for this – because with this model Dodge is basically saying goodbye to the V8 era, which makes the Demon 170 a very special car.

Back to the Hennessey: Two massive turbochargers provide the necessary thrust for the 1,700 hp monster, while a robust drive train ensures that the maximum power has a chance of being brought to the asphalt in a species-appropriate manner. The performance of the Demon 1700 Twin Turbo leaves even die-hard sports car fans speechless. With E85 ethanol in the tank, the US coupe burns the ¼ mile in 7.9 seconds up to a speed of 280 km/h.

Anyone interested in the Texas horsepower monster has to be fast – almost as fast as the image sprint from 0 to 100 km/h. HSO only wants to build a dozen of the Demon 1700 Twin-Turbo; each with a conversion price starting at $200,000 plus the donor vehicle Demon 170.