The price of gasoline and diesel is still completely out of control in Spain as a result of the war in Ukraine. The reduction of 20 cents on fuel approved by the Government has only increased its costs compared to those prior to its entry into force and it does not seem that the situation will have a solution in the short term.

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The average price of fuel in Spain is already above the feared barrier of two euros, a cost much higher than that paid by other great powers of the European Union. In fact, right now the average cost of gasoline in the EU stands at 2,018 euros (0.03 euros less than in Spain) and in countries like Germany it stands at 1,999 euros.

Thus, Spain has become the country where the price of a liter of gasoline and diesel has increased the most in the last three months, reaching 2,048 euros per liter on average (June 14, 2022).

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However, within Spain there are severe differences between the autonomous communities in terms of the price of gasoline. In which provinces is gasoline more expensive? How much does a liter of fuel cost in each of the provinces of Spain?

These are the average prices of 95 unleaded gasoline in each of the provinces of Spain, with the reduction of 20 cents per liter from the Government included. These data correspond to the cost of June 14, 2022 in our country and are extracted from the Gasoline or Diesel portal:

Today, the average price of gasoline 95 in Spain is located at 2,048 euros per liter, despite the reduction of 20 cents per liter implemented by the Government. However, the differences between the Spanish communities and provinces are very notable.

While Las Palmas (1,588 euros/litre), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1,593 euros/litre) and the autonomous cities of Ceuta (1,798 euros) and Melilla (1,704 euros) can boast of having the lowest gasoline prices in Spain , other regions present the highest in the country.

La Coruña and Guipúzcoa are the provinces of the Iberian Peninsula where the price of 95 unleaded gasoline is currently the highest. While in the Galician province the price rises to 2,191 euros, the Basque remains in first place thanks to the 2,199 euros at which fuel is paid right now.

For its part, the Balearic Islands have become the community where gasoline is most expensive in June this year. The price of gasoline in the archipelago exceeds 2.20 euros, being the only community in Spain that does so up to now.

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