According to calculations by the left, the Dax board members have already earned as much in the first few days of the year as average earners in the whole year. This Thursday, a mathematical tie was achieved, said party leader Janine Wissler of the German Press Agency.

She relies on data from the Federal Statistical Office: According to this, full-time employees earned 4,100 euros gross per month and 49,200 euros per year in 2021. The board members of the stock exchange companies listed in the leading German index Dax would have earned an average of 3.9 million euros a year and would therefore have drawn level with average earners after 4.61 days. The left draws this value from calculations by the Technical University of Munich and the German Association for the Protection of Securities, which were published in September.

“It takes a societal outcry against this injustice,” said Wissler. She suggested commemorating it every year on a “Tax-the-Dax” day. In addition, the federal government should not stand idly by, said Wissler. “In companies where the state is a shareholder, there must be upper limits for salaries. An income guarantee of 1:20 is necessary for employees in Dax companies.” Otherwise the social gap in society will continue to widen. She reiterated the demand for higher tax rates on income over one million euros.