There is now a start date for the announced subsidy program for the generation of solar power in residential buildings and its use for electric cars. It starts on September 26 – then applications can be submitted to the KfW development bank, as the Federal Ministry of Transport announced on Sunday in Berlin. The maximum subsidy per project is 10,200 euros.

A total of 500 million euros are available. The program aims to equip private residential buildings with charging infrastructure, i.e. charging stations, solar power systems and storage systems. A prerequisite for the funding is that all three components are newly purchased together. In addition, an electric car must be available or ordered.

This is how you get the full amount

According to the information, the sum of 10,200 euros can only be received by those who also release the battery of their vehicle for discharging. The battery can thus serve as a small part of a reserve, from which electricity can also flow back into the grid if necessary or can be used in your own home. Without this variant, the maximum funding amount is 9600 euros.

Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) said that the program supports people who own their own homes “who depend on the car, for example to drive to work in rural areas or to take the children to the sports club. Reduce by charging in their own residential building we reduce the need for public charging and enable citizens to save on energy costs while making a contribution to climate protection.”