The weight loss syringe Wegovy from the Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk is very popular. Most recently, this helped the manufacturer temporarily to become the most valuable company in Europe: Novo Nordisk briefly overtook the luxury goods giant LVMH with its company valuation.

The drugmaker’s stock market value rose to $421 billion on Friday — slightly more than the Paris-based luxury conglomerate, whose market capitalization was $420.97 billion at the same time. A little later, however, LVMH overtook Novo Nordisk again.

Novo Nordisk shares have tripled in price since 2020. In August alone, the paper rose by almost 20 percent after a study showed a clear benefit of its obesity drug for cardiovascular disease.

Novo Nordisk is now launching its weight loss drug Wegovy on the British market – it was previously available in the USA, Denmark, Norway and, since the end of July, in Germany. The monthly outlay for private patients in the UK is estimated at around £199-299.

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