SPD General Secretary Kevin Kühnert is pushing for the Federal Building Ministry’s plans for more affordable housing to be implemented quickly. “The aim must be to reactivate the non-profit housing scheme this year,” said Kühnert of the “Augsburger Allgemeine” (Saturday). “It would also be a helpful contribution to our goal of getting closer to the necessary 400,000 new homes per year.”

In the case of non-profit housing, landlords who provide permanently affordable housing should be given tax advantages and subsidies. According to a key issues paper, Federal Building Minister Klara Geywitz (SPD) wants to enable non-profit companies to act as landlords. Recently, the Diakonie and Caritas, among others, had pushed for such a regulation. The opposition has criticized the project. While the Union has recently expressed general doubts about the benefits of a new non-profit housing scheme, the left-wing faction complained that not enough money had been planned for it.

“With the non-profit housing as a joint traffic light project, we want to reactivate a legal form that the black and yellow federal government abolished in 1990,” said Kühnert. “Our goal is that both existing apartments can be converted into non-profit housing, but new apartments can also be built according to this model.” At the same time, he called on the federal government to ensure funding.