The prices of many items are higher than usual due to pandemic disruptions. It can be difficult to see which items are experiencing the greatest spikes if shoppers are not taking notes.

NBC News monitors the average price at point-of-sale for six supermarket products: orange juices, eggs, chicken breasts and bacon, as well as how they have changed over time.

This interactive chart allows readers to compare the grocery prices they paid with the national average or the prices paid by shoppers in other major metropolitan areas.

It is important to monitor the effect of inflation on consumers’ wallets as the economy recovers from the pandemic. The White House stated that inflation is on the rise, and will continue to be so.

One measure of the impact of President Joe Biden’s economic policies on ordinary people is the NBC News grocery price tracking.

According to the Federal Reserve, prices have increased and will continue rising. Groceries are being impacted by higher input costs, particularly for food and fuel. Weather and disruptions in supply chains also play a part.

NielsenIQ provides the data for the NBC News Tracker. It is based on real checkout prices at national grocery, drug, and mass merchandiser stores.

Another source for average prices is the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly Consumer Price Index. This index uses human data collectors.