The German stock market recovered somewhat from its recent losses on Friday. The leading index DAX rose by 0.26 percent to 15,759.41 points. On a weekly basis, it is heading towards a minus of around half a percent. Overall, the stock market barometer continues to search for direction ahead of the upcoming monetary policy decisions by major central banks.

The MDax for medium-sized stocks rose by 0.38 percent to 27,262.78 points. The Eurozone leading index EuroStoxx 50 rose by 0.46 percent.

“The interest rate decisions of the European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve next week and the week after next cast their shadows,” wrote the analysts at Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen. In terms of the economy and inflation prospects, the picture is mixed on both sides of the Atlantic. In Germany and Europe in particular, economic prospects have recently deteriorated, while inflation rates appear to have passed their peak but have not yet fallen significantly.