Germany’s exporters achieved record results for 2022 as a whole, despite the recent weakening of the economy. Goods “Made in Germany” with a total value of a good 1564 billion euros were delivered abroad last year, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on Thursday based on calendar and seasonally adjusted data. This exceeded the record for 2021 of a good 1,368 billion euros by 14.3 percent.

However, the increase can also be explained by the significant price increases in recent months. These drove up the value of both exports and imports. The effects cannot be precisely quantified, since the Wiesbaden statisticians do not collect price-adjusted data on foreign trade. Imports to Germany rose even more strongly than exports due to the high energy prices in 2022 as a whole: At 1488.1 billion euros, imports were 24.3 percent above the previous year’s value.

The year 2022 ended weakly for German foreign trade: compared to the previous month, exports fell by 6.3 percent and imports fell by 6.1 percent. Among other things, sales in important customer markets such as the USA and China weakened.