Butter prices in Germany have again started to slide across the board. According to a survey by the German Press Agency, numerous retailers from the discounter Aldi Nord to Norma and Kaufland to the supermarket chain Rewe and their discounter Penny reduced the prices for the cheapest 250-gram pack of branded butter from 1.59 to 1.49 euros this week . Germany’s largest food retailer Edeka and its discount subsidiary Netto also announced that they would go along with the price reductions.

These are not special offers, but the new normal price. It is already the second round of price cuts for butter within a few weeks. It was only at the beginning of February that the butter price in the cheap segment fell from EUR 1.99 to EUR 1.59. At the peak of the price wave in May, the butter package cost 2.29 euros. Butter is considered a price point item that customers use as a guide when perceiving a retailer’s price.