The construction and operation of solar systems should become easier – for both private individuals and commercial operators. For this purpose, the Federal Cabinet wants to decide on a so-called solar package this Wednesday, as announced by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. The reform is intended to reduce bureaucracy and further accelerate the recently increasing expansion of solar energy in Germany.

In concrete terms, the solar package should make it easier to operate balcony power plants or use self-generated photovoltaic electricity in apartment buildings. The possibilities for solar systems on farmland and fields are also to be expanded.

The goal of the government made up of SPD, Greens and FDP is to increase the share of renewable energies in German gross electricity consumption to 80 percent by 2030. According to the ministry, the increase in photovoltaics last year was around 7.5 gigawatts. In the current year, up to July alone, more than 7.5 gigawatts were added, and double-digit growth is expected.