According to the Binz municipality, it has filed a lawsuit against the planned Rügen terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG) at the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig. The lawsuit filed on Thursday by the authorized representative Reiner Geulen is directed against the approval of the Stralsund Mining Authority for part of the connection pipeline, which became known at the beginning of the week, the municipality announced on Friday. The court could not immediately be reached for confirmation.

“By filing a lawsuit, the municipality of Binz has applied for an immediate halt to construction,” it said. The municipality is completely opposed to the planned industrial plants. The German Environmental Aid (DUH) had already announced a corresponding lawsuit and the application for an immediate halt to construction.

Binz refers to the risks of the system

Binz has been up in arms against the project for months. According to community officials, it threatens the environment and tourism, which is important to the island. In addition, the capacities would not be needed. The federal government is aiming for the terminal to be operational next winter. It is needed for energy security.

The stationing of two special ships for landing LNG in the port of Mukran in the north of Rügen is planned. The connection line is intended to connect Mukran with the gas pipeline junction in Lubmin in Western Pomerania, where such a regasification ship is already moored, which is to be relocated to Mukran.

On Friday, Binz again referred to the risks that would arise from the operation of the facilities in the neighboring port of Mukran. In addition, tanker traffic and the necessary dredging of the shipping channel would have an impact on the coastal region. The community described the debate about a possible gas shortage in the coming winter as a “phantom discussion”. The federal government, on the other hand, had referred to the effects of a possibly cold winter or the failure of other gas supply routes.

Meanwhile, the permitting procedures and works for the terminal continued. The special ship intended for laying the connecting line, the “Castoro 10”, was already shortly before Rügen on Friday and was expected in the port of Mukran for preparations on Saturday afternoon.

Approval procedure (Baltic Sea LNG)