Dirk Greifeld is torn. A complete switch to electric cars – this is the route of the March, the VW for the plant in Zwickau has established. The Saxon location plays a key role in the global strategy of the group. However, on the last Golf Variant, the rolls here on Friday by the Band, looks to the head of production, also with a crying eye.

116 years of gas production

It is the end of an Era, after 116 years, gas production in the automotive city. The full electrical ID.3 should justify a new one. “In the end, that is our future,” says Greifeld. “But, of course, a little bit of melancholy is similar to the last Trabant.” Since 1991, the 59-Year-old works in the meantime in Volkswagen before the turn, he mounted the GDR cult car.

The automobile pioneer August Horch in 1904, founded the Zwickauer Tradition. You spawned next to the Horch as Audi and later the Trabant, which was referred to by some as a “Stinker”. Soon, everything should be largely emission-free and noiseless. “From now on, the location of Zwickau, stands completely in the sign of electric mobility,” says Reinhard de Vries, Director of technology and logistics at VW Saxony.

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330.000 vehicles are ready

On Monday the more tag starts, so that the end of the year a second Assembly line for E-cars is finished. In November 2019, Volkswagen had the series production of the ID.3 in Zwickau restarted. There are currently 270 copies to build the worker on a daily basis in three shifts.

The pure electricity that should come from the second week of September, after delays in the Software in most of the European countries on the market, to create a series that appeal to the mass audience, and the basis for further E-models to form.

Overall, VW is the conversion of 1.2 billion euros in costs. Starting in 2021, two Audi, another VW and a Seat can be built as E-cars. In the case of full utilisation of the two lines per year, with 330,000 cars to be done – more than to nitro-time. The previous record from the year 2015 is 301.000 cars. Hendrik Schmidt/dpa-Central-image/

33 billion euros of investments

Zwickau is the first in a series of VW factories, the switch completely to E-production. In Germany, Emden and Hannover will follow in the coming years, also in China and the USA, alternative drives will be driven high. In 2025 every fifth in the group produced the vehicle to have an electric Motor, according to a quantity of 2.5 million. The total investment up to 2024, at 33 billion euros, of which a third is accounted for by the cars in the VW main brand. Also 2020, the start-up of the electric SUV ID is.4 planned.

The E-registrations of new cars in Germany had increased in recent times, yet their share of the car fleet is relatively small. In the light of the Corona-paragraph crisis, the Federal government extended the existing funding program. Combustion, even in modern climate-friendly variants, however, were the exception. This criticism provoked among trade unionists, but also in Parts of industry and politics. The three Minister-presidents of the “auto country” of lower Saxony, Bavaria and Baden-W├╝rttemberg had called for more of purchase premiums.

“Fear, that a lot of suppliers in the autumn fall in Existenznot”

“That’s primarily bad news for the many thousands of employees in the supplier industry,” had said the lower Saxon Prime Minister, Stephan Weil (SPD) according to the Berlin decision. He reiterated that he would have liked a consideration of the burners in the support framework. “I’m afraid that many factories will fall in the autumn in Existenznot,” he explained in the “mirror”. “By then, a new discussion on a pulse for the car the economy is quite likely.” Hendrik Schmidt/dpa-Central-image/

environmentalists were in favour of the nitro-exclusion. According to preliminary data from the European environment Agency (EEA) has increased the CO2-emissions of new passenger Cars in the EU, including the UK, Norway and Iceland in 2019 in the cut again. “Vehicles with no or low emissions will need to come across Europe much faster to use, in order to reach the more stringent objectives,” it said.

20.500 days of training for the workforce

In Zwickau, the development is at least pushing. In order to be in terms of E-mobility fit, completed the workforce 20.500 training days. And the employees of the previous Golf line is to be qualified, declared works Council chief Jens Rothe.

One of the first gas from Saxony rolled, meanwhile, quietly into the Museum. Car enthusiasts built the Horch 14-17 HP Tonneau – the first in Zwickau produced the car – true to the original after. 11. July, he will be seen in the Saxon state exhibition, which is dedicated to the end of the year of industrial culture in the free state. Plenty of sunshine and about 30 degrees from Friday – however, in some regions of Thunderstorms PCP sun threaten tired and about 30 degrees from Friday – however, in some regions of Thunderstorms

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