Even if the numbers currently speak against Tesla, the company is far from finished. But there are plenty of reasons why CEO Elon Musk should be worried. Sales are slower than usual, the old product range urgently needs a breath of fresh air and the bottom line is that the Cybertruck is just causing trouble (you can find out more here). The automaker is now responding with an aggressive pricing strategy in several countries, including Germany.

While the price for the Model 3 with rear-wheel drive was previously 42,990 euros, the car is now available from 40,990 euros. The Model S also became cheaper – the reduction is also 2000 euros, which means the price is now 92,990 euros. The popular Model Y initially remains at 44,990 euros. But there is another special feature: Some models, including the Model Y with maximum range and all-wheel drive and the Model Y Performance, are offered with zero percent financing, which means that some cars approach the price level of the entry-level variants despite better equipment when financed. although they offer significantly more.

Elon Musk responded to complaints about why Tesla jumps around so erratically with prices over the weekend and wrote on “Fool believes that the suggested retail price is the true price. Tesla’s prices must change frequently to adjust production to demand.”

The manufacturer’s approach is well known – and poses a problem in some situations. Because buyers cannot rely on Tesla to keep prices stable in the medium to long term, the market for used vehicles is also faltering. If you buy a Tesla during a high price phase, the loss in value over time is greater.

The “Adac” writes that customers who have recently bought a car cannot expect to be reimbursed the difference by Tesla – so there is no “low price guarantee”, as is the case with Amazon. With one exception: If the ordered vehicle is still being delivered, i.e. has not yet been handed over, it can be canceled at any time. In these cases, Tesla adjusts the price as a precaution so that this does not happen. If this is not automatically the case, we recommend contacting the manufacturer.

The price cuts in Germany are not all of the measures that Tesla is taking to improve sales figures. In the USA, the company reduced the price of the “Full Potential for Autonomous Driving”, known in the USA as “FSD”, by almost half – from US$15,000 to now US$8,000. The prices for the Supercharger network membership were also recently reduced, reported the IT trade magazine “Golem”

Apparently Elon Musk is currently steering his company with full attention. He even postponed a trip to India to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He explained via Recently, he has been accused more often of not paying enough attention to Tesla’s concerns and of spending too much time on other things, such as Twitter.

The company’s shares are currently steadily losing value. Today the price is $142. The company’s current value is $452 billion, which is less than half of what Tesla was worth at its peak. Tesla can still assert itself as the most valuable car manufacturer in the world – but the gap to Toyota is getting smaller almost every day.