A member of the “Silicon Valley Tesla Owners Club” was amazed when he recently encountered a Cybertruck on the highway. As if a sighting of the gigantic stainless steel truck wasn’t rare enough, this example had numerous bullet holes all over the driver’s side. The assumption: It must be a test car that was intentionally shot at.

And indeed: Shortly after the video was published, Elon Musk spoke up on Musk did not provide any information about the distance of the shooter.

His supporters quickly rejoiced at the outcome of the shooting. “Tesla’s safety is unparalleled,” wrote one. “The Cybertruck should be the US president’s new vehicle,” says another. Successful advertising.

Fred Lambert from “Electrek” sees it a little differently. “It looks like they only shot at the steel parts of the body and not at the windows,” he notes. This test would have been quite interesting. Because at the truck’s premiere, it was the supposedly reinforced windows that gave way and broke after just one throw of a steel ball during a live demonstration.

Whether you should test fire from a submachine gun yourself remains to be seen. At least you could soon: After Musk presented the Cybertruck in 2019 and promised the first deliveries to customers for the end of 2021, the completion of the cars was delayed by around two years.

At the end of November the time has finally come and Tesla will give the starting signal for the delivery of the Cybertrucks with a “delivery event”. According to Musk, the commercial vehicle is “the best Tesla product ever.”