Tesla fans have their hands full defending their favorite brand’s latest launch from massive public criticism. Since the truck was delivered in the USA, there have been minor and major problems related to the stainless steel vehicle. This ranges from cheating in the car’s presentation to flash rust, broken tire walls due to faulty hubcaps, surprisingly poor off-road suitability or an exaggeration when it comes to the body’s bulletproof properties.

But none of this is a big deal; some things are more likely to be viewed with a wink or will certainly be improved via software in the medium term. But the latest problem with the Tesla Cybertruck has what it takes to become a serious image problem that cannot be solved with just an update.

According to various media reports, including from Musk’s fan camp, Tesla has currently stopped deliveries of the Cybertrucks in the USA. The reason: More and more drivers are reporting that the cover on the power pedal can become loose and jam, causing the car to accelerate even after you have long since put your foot down. After such reports increased, especially last week, a person affected recently published a short explanatory video.

You can see that the metal cover of the power pedal has completely come off. The man shows how this can affect driving operations. Depending on the angle at which the pedal is positioned when the cover comes off, it may become jammed behind part of the interior paneling. This means that the Cybertruck can continue to accelerate even after you have long since taken your foot down, as the pedal no longer springs back. If you apply the brake, the acceleration is stopped, but as soon as you release it, it continues automatically. The person affected is not alone with this report.

The now viral video and the various reports from those affected are already spreading widely. Accordingly, Tesla initially suspended the delivery of actually finished trucks for several days, postponed and canceled appointments. There is also an increasing number of buyers in the “Cybertruck Owners Club” whose orders are now being delayed. On the phone, a man who was supposed to receive his truck in Kansas over the weekend said Tesla told him that the truck was currently being recalled due to acceleration problems, he wrote. The incident coincides exactly with the viral spread of reports about the faulty pedal. At the weekend, more and more buyers with relevant experiences joined in.

Some Cybertruck drivers who have been using their vehicles for some time then tried to remove the covers on their pedals by hand. And lo and behold: Corresponding pictures in the “Cybertruck Owners Club” show that some people even got their hands on it right away. Others said they were unable to intentionally remove the decorative panel.

Tesla is now apparently threatened with another official investigation. “CNBC” reports that a spokesman for the US Federal Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) confirmed that they are aware of the problem and are in contact with Tesla to obtain detailed details about the case.

If a systemic error is discovered with the component, Tesla will have to recall all trucks – this time actually to the workshops, because the pedal problem cannot be solved using software.