“Guys, I’m literally an idiot” – this is how the video of the American Brianna Filos begins, who recently shared her unfortunate fate with the world on Tiktok. She became famous almost overnight: Within a short time, her video had 21.1 million clicks – which was actually not expected. Filos previously had an average of less than 10,000 viewers per video and is not a full-time influencer.

But what she shows in her article is actually hard to believe. Visibly distressed, she explains that she is trapped in her car in the blazing sunshine and is gradually melting into a puddle. The reason: She had started an update for her Tesla in the car.

Filos explains in the video that she has been sitting in the scorching hot car for more than 30 minutes because the update actually doesn’t allow her to leave the vehicle: “I’m literally sitting here dripping with sweat at 103 degrees Fahrenheit (around 40 degrees, note). .d. Ed.) I’m going crazy.”

She goes on to say that she doesn’t want to open the doors or windows because otherwise there would be a risk of damaging the car. In fact, Tesla writes that in the manual too. It states: “Do not attempt to use the vehicle while the software is being installed. Vehicle functions, including some security systems and opening or closing the doors or windows, may function limitedly or be disabled while the software is being installed. This may cause damage on the vehicle.”

It later becomes clear why Filos used the time in the parking lot to install the update: she was actually waiting for her order from a fast food chain. “I’ll probably sit here for a while,” she adds.

Thousands of people who wanted to stay informed about Brianna Filos’ fate and had questions quickly gathered in the comments. The American answered some of them in further videos.

Shortly after the incident, Filos reported back: “Guys, I did it,” she said happily, visibly sweaty. In total, her ordeal lasted around 40 minutes and, according to her, the temperature reached 115 degrees Fahrenheit, which is around 46 degrees Celsius. “I feel like I took a bath,” she sums up.

In other videos, viewers learn that Filos has been driving a Tesla for six years, but this was the first time she had made an update where she wanted to wait in the car. She also knew that the car had a manual door handle, but didn’t want to risk it being damaged if she opened the vehicle – after all, Tesla also advises not to do this.

“I still love this Tesla,” she says, “but when using it you should be more careful and think for a moment. I just wasn’t particularly smart today. Sorry.”

But Filos doesn’t want to become a car influencer now, she says. Even though her click numbers have now increased significantly, she doesn’t just want to talk about her Tesla in the future, because her channel is actually about her planned wedding next year.