You can see at first glance that the MG4 is the direct opponent of the VW ID3. The sales figures are also good in Europe and after slight retouching, the entry-level model from the SAIC subsidiary now has room for a sporty spurt. In the fourth quarter, the supposed GTI version with a plug comes with the MG4 Electric Xpower. In its sharpest form, the dynamic Chinese not only offers powerful performance, but also a variably controllable all-wheel drive for maximum cornering pleasure. The performance data of the MG4 Xpower is already impressive, because instead of the usual 150 kW / 204 hp, the top model from the compact Chinese delivers an impressive 320 kW / 435 hp. He can transmit the lush zest for action to both drive axles for his propulsion in a valuable way in terms of driving dynamics and that is not only beneficial for the sportiness, but in particular for the sovereignty. The low center of gravity and a sensitively controlled power distribution of the individual drive wheels do the rest.

The ambitions of the China GTI can hardly be seen, because a real sports cannon presents itself differently in this league. So it’s a few smaller details like 18-inch wheels, rocker panels and air ducts that set the vitamin bar called Xpower apart from its tame brother. Incidentally, the restraint is not only evident in the performance, but also in normal city driving. The 320 kilowatt maximum power, divided into 150 kW / 204 hp / 250 Nm at the front and 170 kW / 231 hp / 350 Nm at the rear, is not noticeable in the 4.29 meter long powerhouse on the first meters. It begins almost silently and as casually as you know it. The Chinese only brings the hot shot of vitamins onto the road when you press down on the gas pedal with more commitment and the occupants lose their hearing and sight just like the sports car next door. If the driver lets himself be tempted, a tornado storms over the road and the digital display. From a standing start, the athlete sprints to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and the thrust hardly decreases with higher three-digit number combinations on the speedometer. At a speed of 200, the electric all-wheel drive is finally slowed down. There’s no question: it’s great sport – electrically and maybe a little too subtly in the right light.

For comparison: the normal MG4 needs almost half as much for the image spurt to 100 km/h with 7.9 seconds twice as long and has to stop its zest for action on the motorway at 160 km/h. The additional thrust and the additional weight of around 100 kilograms due to the additional motor on the front axle are reflected in the range. Since the battery capacity remains at the well-known 64 kWh, the fun is over at 385 instead of the usual almost 450 kilometers. Unfortunately, the MG4 Xpower does not charge nearly as quickly as it presses you into the well-contoured seats, because the maximum charging capacity is 140 kilowatts.

The chassis with McPherson front axle and a five-link construction at the rear, which has little trouble with the zest for action of the Chinese compact class model, is unexcited in the performance explosions. The muscle man without a sprinter dress likes to mimic just the calm companion for everyday life. This is not only ensured by the chassis and the numerous driver assistance systems, but also by the interior, which could do with more charm. This applies to the plastic surfaces and the moderately impressive displays with diagonals of seven and ten inches, which could be a few inches larger. The operation of the MG4 Xpower, on the other hand, works without any problems, although the lack of a head-up display reduces advantages such as ergonomics, shelves and a good seating position. The space available in the MG4 Xpower, which costs at least 46,990 euros, is good at the front and rear thanks to the wheelbase of 2.71 meters, while the cargo space behind the manually operated tailgate is 363 to 1,177 liters. Nobody needs more – not even more power. More top speed with so much power? Gladly!