US stock markets have continued their recent downtrend. In addition to the economic problems in China, which have been an issue for some time, interest rate fears have recently come to the fore again among investors.

Economic data underscored that the US Federal Reserve still has room to maneuver on interest rates to fight inflation. Strong quarterly figures from Cisco, for example, were not a selling point on the overall market.

The Dow Jones Industrial closed 0.84 percent lower at 34,474.83 points. The leading index is thus still at its lowest level since mid-July. Since early August, when it hit its highest level since Russia invaded Ukraine, the Dow is down 3.4 percent. The broader S

The technology-heavy Nasdaq 100 even lost 1.08 percent to 14,715.81 points. Because tech values ​​​​are usually considered to be particularly sensitive to interest rate prospects, it had already fallen particularly sharply the day before because the US Federal Reserve left the door open for further interest rate hikes.