Numerous construction sites again severely slowed down long-distance traffic on Deutsche Bahn in February. Almost every third ICE or IC was unpunctual in the past month, as the group announced. The punctuality rate in long-distance traffic was 70.7 percent.

This means that the rate has deteriorated somewhat compared to January (73.2 percent). In the two months of the previous year, the train was also significantly more punctual than in February.

A train is considered punctual in the railway statistics as long as it does not arrive at a station with a delay of more than six minutes. Train cancellations or missed connecting trains are not taken into account.

According to Bahn, the main reason for the low punctuality is the heavy construction activity on the network. “There have never been construction sites in so many places on the network at the same time,” said the group. Almost every second long-distance train had to go through a construction phase in February.