From the perspective of the Central Association of German Seaport Companies (ZDS), the federal government must invest significantly more money in the seaports. “We are hoping for a clear, binding statement from the federal government,” says ZDS Managing Director Daniel Hosseus.

“There has to be money in the pot.” The federal government is currently supporting the states with 38 million euros annually, but at least ten times as much is needed – around 380 to 400 million euros.

The status of the development of the national port strategy is “very unsatisfactory,” said Hosseus. Cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Transport is difficult; there are still no texts to discuss. “That’s really thin for a one-year consultation process. There needs to be more on the table.”

The association expects binding goals from the National Maritime Conference in Bremen in mid-September. “It has to be clear in which direction the federal government is actually going. What measures does it want to take? How much money can it bring into play?” says the ZDS general manager.

Central Association of German Seaport Companies